Monday, March 11, 2013

Gagged, choked and moaning

A rape role play audio clip by us.

Unless you wish to imagine what's going on there all by yourself, this is what was happening:

The man has me pinned down with his body. I squirm and struggle but can’t throw him off me. His hands roam my body, going everywhere I don’t want them to go. I want to scream, call for help, but he’s forcing his shoulder into my open mouth, gagging me with crushing force. My teeth ache from the pressure and I realize that with just one, brutal shift of his weight he could knock them out.

He sinks his fingers into my breasts, mauling and bruising them, aiming to give me as much pain as humanly possible. I try to escape, I try to beg, I try to scream. My noise annoys him and he nudges his shoulder upwards, covering my nose, pressing it shut. He wants to teach me a lesson but I’m too terrified of him choking me to death to do anything but plea with my pathetic, muffled moans for him to stop and let me breathe. He lifts his shoulder and allows me to draw in a breath of air but I still struggle, his lesson still unlearnt.

Again he bears down, closing off my mouth and nose. My moans get frantic and he leans close to my face. He doesn’t say anything but his eyes burn into me with unmistakable intent: “Behave. Don’t fight. Be a good girl and let it happen. Open up.”

I force my body still. I have no choice. When his hand crawls down my belly and into my crotch I don’t close my thighs, I don’t resist. He lifts his shoulder and lets me catch my breath. I feel his fingers part my folds and push inside. I want to scream but I don’t want to die. All I can do is gasp while he takes what he wants and hope he won’t make it hurt too much.

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